Inspired by a lifelong passion for health and wellness, combined with years of experience in the fitness industry, Ken Meares has created products and services that have improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. In the late 70’s, Mr. Meares founded Body Designers, a company that supplied fitness equipment to health clubs before subsequently going on to build the first Gold’s Gyms. His next venture was SportsCare International (SCI), a sports medicine company focusing on sports related injuries in the early 2000’s. During this period Mr. Meares garnered extensive knowledge on pain management and inflammatory conditions which inspired the discovery of the unique, natural anti-inflammatory, PCSO-524, which he branded as Omega XL.

His drive for finding natural solutions for pain relief, along with his understanding of the many damaging effects of inflammation, led to the vision of creating the vertically integrated healthcare and technology company known today as Great HealthWorks, Inc. The company was founded in 2003 and fueled by the unprecedented success of the flagship product, Omega XL.

Mr. Meares has expanded the Great HealthWorks brand to include more than 70 exceptional physician formulated, nutraceutical and skincare products. He tirelessly innovates to improve the core competencies of the company which include: multimedia production, media purchasing, product development, distribution, and customer care.

In order to provide consumers additional value, he spearheaded, a real-time digital publication providing unbiased health, fitness, beauty and celebrity news. It serves as the editorial partner to Great HealthWorks.

Mr. Meares is known and appreciated for creating a dynamic corporate culture where every member of the company feels inspired and motivated to devote their best efforts to improving the health and well-being of their valued customers.

Finally, and most importantly, Mr. Meares is an active member of his community and dedicates part of his time to serve on the board of numerous charitable foundations. His contributions over the years have made a difference in the lives of children, women’s health, wounded warriors and multiple other causes.

Great HealthWorks reach continues to expand with its subsidiaries including:

• New You Media, real time news & on-line magazine & resource for Health & Beauty
• Great Virtual Works, a home based customer care company
• Great Learning Works, an online educational company
•, A full service production facility that produces GHW infomercials and content
• In house national media buying company – Great HealthWorks is one of the top advertisers in the nation, airing an average of 7000 infomercials monthly.
• Great HealthWorks expanded brands, a line of premium quality, physician formulates healthcare supplements for optimal health.


It’s been said that creating a brand is an art – the psychology of getting eyeballs.

NEW YOU believes that, and we are passionate regarding our principles and our persistence to merge NEW YOU the magazine and with your desires. We are confident that will be your first choice to look, learn and shop.We will continue to be celebrity driven and highly reader and customer focused. We will also deliver exciting, useful and current content, and with the soon to come, we will offer unique products from around the world for living a beautiful and healthy life.

We believe in the power of very BIG ideas, and we will strive in our social gospel to be all we can be and to give you all you want….and a little bit more. We are, and will continue, to be the cool place when you think of a new YOU. To deliver on that promise, we must be bold, fast and forward in bringing you trending stories about health, beauty and celebrity breaking news.

Here’s to the Millennials who are changing the game.


Some of our Brands



Omega XL is a powerful omega-3 joint health supplement formulated with a proprietary complex of 30 healthy free fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, that have been demonstrated in over 30 years of clinical research to relieve joint pain due to inflammation.

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ProbioticXL is a premium quality probiotic supplement. It contains a specially designed proprietary blend of 10 clinically studied strains of beneficial (good) bacteria for optimal digestive and immune system health*

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A magazine devoted to beauty and anti-aging products, innovations and technologies that can help people attain the natural look of youth. Intelligent information conveyed beautifully that offers readers cutting edge, beneficial, and relatable information.

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OMAPREM is backed by more than 25 years of clinical research supporting the effectiveness of OMAPREM as an All Natural Anti-Inflammatory that provides relief from Pain and Discomfort while promoting Heart, Joint and Brain Health.

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Great BackWorks™ is a physician formulated dietary supplement with a unique combination of vitamins and herbs targeted to help support back and nerve function.

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As one of the largest vertically integrated direct-to-consumer powerhouses in the United States, Great HealthWorks (GHW) is dedicated to delivering quality health and wellness products.

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